Our School Pages gives your school or PTA the kind of website you've always imagined having, but never knew how to create yourself. A website that is not just beautiful but also functional. A website that parents will come back to over and over again.

Easy customization

With just a little bit of information from you, your initial website will be up and running in less than 60 seconds. From there, you can customize it to reflect your school's spirit, add events to the calendar, post announcements, publish articles, and add as many information packed pages to your website as you like. Our customization tools are easy to use, so anybody on your team can configure the website without any computer background or web expertise.

Simple and affordable pricing

Everyone starts off with a 30-day free trial, so you can kick the tires and play with all the amazing capabilities of your new website. After that, your website costs just $120 per year, and comes with every feature mentioned on this page. If you have your own website today, you are probably already paying roughly the same price for a lot less functionality.

Volunteer Sign up

Post your open volunteer positions to your website and have parents sign up online. You get more volunteers when signing up is so easy.

PTA Membership

Parents can become PTA members and pay their membership dues online at any time during the year. At any moment, you know exactly how many members you have.

Interactive Calendar

Publish all your school events and deadlines to your new online calendar, so parents and kids are always well informed of what's happening.

Event Registration

Got a science fair or spelling bee coming up? Ask kids and parents to register for your event online. Less paper means lower copying costs.

Online Payments

Parents have the convenience of paying online with their credit card. But the site works just as well for those who prefer to send a check into the school.

Electronic News

Publish announcements, articles, and newsletters electronically to your website. Parents and kids can always get the information they need.

Email to Parents

Get important messages out to all parents easily through email. Parents have personal settings which let them control which emails they receive.

Easy Fundraising

Sell any kind of goods through your website, and accept donations too. Parents will appreciate not having to fill out paper forms anymore.

Custom Domain

Already have a website with your own domain (e.g., www.lakesidepta.org)? No problem ... you can use your old domain with your new website.

Contact info@ourschoolpages.com or (315) 677-1766 for more information.